The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

This website is a response to the UK Dangerous Dogs ACT 1991.

It is my opinion that the law is a bad one and should be repealed.

While many dog experts agree that the law is innappropriate and inneffective, there seems to be little chance of it being struck off at present. In fact, due to media pressure and disinformation about dog attacks, the law looks likely to be added to as a potential vote winner before the next election.

The reason that the government feels safe in passing bad legislation against dogs and their owners is that historically they lack a political voice. This website is an attempt to change that situation.

The public deserves a law to protect them from the actions of a small number of irresponsible dog owners and their animals, but the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 is not that law for a variety of reasons that will be discussed over time on this website.