Education and Training


Here is a selection of recommended material aimed at providing public education around the issues of positive dog training, dog behaviour, dog attack statistics, gang culture and more.


Karen Pryor is an animal trainer from the United States. You may not have heard of her as she certainly does not have the fame of other well know animal trainers, but her work in animal training is groundbreaking. This book is about much more than dog training. Here she teaches the methods to train any animal in kind and humane way.


A nervous or aggressive dog that has learned to react in a vicious manner can be a problem for any responsible owner or dog trainer. This book details the knowledge and techniques necessary to train such dogs in a positive and humane manner. It presents answers to why dogs attack, how we can stop it and what we need to do to prevent it re-occuring in the future. No jargon, just sensible, modern and scientifically justified advice.


While every dog attack is a tragedy, it is important to understand just how rare an occurrence it really is. The chances of suffering a dog attack are quite low and the chances of being victim to a fatal dog attack in UK are extremely low. Unfortunately the media plays up to public fear and often provides poor quality or inaccurate statistics on the subject. This book is an effort to redress that balance. Achieving an accurate understanding of the true risks serves to put the whole matter into perspective. Opt out of the media induced moral panic by arming yourself with the facts.


The author of this book is an individual who was once deeply involved in London gang culture. The book provides an insight into why gang members seek out so called “status dogs” to train to be vicious. Only by understanding the issues surrounding this behaviour can there ever be a realistic hope of controlling the problem. Banning a particular breed or type of dog is not the answer and this book shows why.