Dangerous Dogs Act – First Video Release

Dangerous Dogs Act – First Video Release

Video posts seem to be the fad of the moment and so in aid of publicising www.dangerousdogsact.com I thought I would try to make a dangerous dogs video presentation.

This is a first attempt at this kind of thing.  It is adapted from a Powerpoint file that was converted into video and is very basic.

The idea is to get the message about Dangerous Dogs out there.  No doubt the videos will improve over time and with experience.

Any Future Video Suggestions?

Please let us know if there is something you think we should deal with in future dangerous dogs act videos that is relevant to fighting the current wave of absurd anti-dog legislation.

With more dog breeds being proposed to be added to the list of banned breeds the time to act is now.  Act before your favourite dog breed is banned. We thought it couldn’t happen before, but it did.  The government will continue to punish breeds and not owners unless your voice is heard.

A general election is approaching in the UK soon, now really is the time to make sure politicians are listening to sensible pet owners.  Make it clear that the problem of irresponsible dog owners needs to be dealt with, without punishing the 99.5% of dogs and owners that are sensible and responsible.

Anyway, here is the video.